In-Office Whitening

A pearly-white smile is beautiful to look at and can greatly improve self-confidence.  Many people are opting for Chairside or In-Office Whitening Treatment for fast, safe and effective teeth whitening.  Our In-Office Whitening Treatment combines the newest advances in dental technology with proven chemical formulas.  This ensures that the bleaching experience is painless, and the results are satisfying.

There are many reasons why teeth become stained or discolored, including tobacco use, and drinking dark liquids such as red wine, coffee, tea and cola.  However, the natural aging process and prescription medication use can also cause yellowing and graying.


Our In-Office treatment has many advantages over these other treatments, including:

  • All teeth treated simultaneously
  • Faster treatment times
  • Longer lasting results
  • Reduced sensitivity
  • Custom take home trays are given for future whitening
  • Safe procedure and treatment
  • Treatments are performed by an experienced professional

It is important to seek advise from the dentist prior to beginning a bleaching regime. 


Having your teeth whitening in our dental facility is a process that lightens the dentin and enamel of the teeth.  Our whitening product contains a hydrogen peroxide component, which is the active ingredient in the gel.  When hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth, the peroxide component breaks down into tiny oxygen bubbles.  It is these bubbles that eliminate yellowing and staining.

A curing light is used to activate the gel and expedite the whitening process.  This specialized light contains a unique infrared filter that works to reduce the amount of heat (and therefore sensitivity) on the surface of the teeth during the procedure.  The internal structure of the teeth remains completely healthy and intact during and after the treatment.

As with any whitening system, the post-treatment results can vary according to the degree of staining and the condition of any teeth.  A consultation with the dentist prior to treatment will provide information as to what kind of results you can receive in specific instances.  This procedure is only performed to healthy teeth and gums.  If tooth decay or gum disease in an issue, these need to be controlled before the bleaching treatment is performed.


Prior to treatment, there will be a consultation where the dentist will outline the exact procedure.

Here is brief overview of the In-Office procedure:

  1. The gums will be painted or covered to reduce sensitivity.
  2. The hygienist will apply the whitening gel to the teeth.
  3. A light will then be applied to activate the gel.  This specialized light can be positioned to work on all the teeth simultaneously.
  4. After 15 minutes, gel will be removed from the teeth and the mouth will be rinsed.
  5. More gel will be applied for another 15 minutes.
  6. Again, the gel will be removed and the mouth will be thoroughly cleansed.
  7. The final treatment of gel will be applied for 15 minutes.
  8. The gel will be removed for the final time.



The same external factors that caused the discoloration in the first place can quickly work their way back onto the teeth.  For this reason, the dentist recommends flossing once a day, thorough cleaning with anti-sensitivity toothpaste twice a day, and occasional retreatment with your take home custom trays and gel.  These post-treatment measures will ensure that the smile stays at its whitest for a long time.